How to get to Stara planina

We inform all interested parties about the organization of the transfer service for participants of the Symposium on the flora of Southeastern Serbia and neighboring regions, which will be held on June 20-23, 2019, on Stara Planina in Eastern Serbia.

Application for a transfer service can be sent by an e-mail at or by calling +38162741111. We are also available via Viber and WhatsApp applications every day from 08-20h.

We ask all participants interested in using our transfer service to and from Stara Planina during the Symposium to apply no later than 01 May 2019.

Upon the deadline expiration, all interested parties will be informed about all possible departures, transfer conditions and the prices of our transfer service.

During the Symposium we also intend to organize several departures to and from Niš.

E-mail application subject: Symposium on the flora.

In the application please indicate: your name, surname and a contact number as well as the dates, times and a location to and from which you are in a need of a transfer service to and from Stara Planina.